About Susan

Susan LeGrand Levine Psychotherapist

As a psychotherapist in general practice, Susan uses a supportive, goal directive approach to assist clients. Her style is nurturing and utilizes strengths and resilience naturally available to the client. Susan has counseled thousands of adults, couples, teens, and children. Her approach is client-centered, and she has a unique ability to understand, motivate, and inspire those who seek her guidance. She received her Master’s Degree in Rehabilitation Psychology in 1991 from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Susan’s life has been her greatest teacher. Her spirituality has been her strength. She enjoys music, sports, gardening, and yoga. She is married to Steven Levine, a Program Developer, and writer. They have 8 children and 14 grandchildren. Susan and Steve have been Dane County Treatment Foster Parents for 18 years and have foster-parented 92 adolescent boys in their home. Her office is right off of the Beltline and Old Sauk Rd in Madison, Wisconsin and she lives in Mount Horeb.

When You Are Ready To Move Your Life Forward

Life challenges can present great opportunity. Therapy doesn’t need to be overwhelming. Accepting help can be difficult and can take courage. Together we can create a relationship built on trust and unconditional positive regard.
If you:

  • Want to find balance
  • Have a desire for stability in order to focus and optimize your wellness
  • Want to be able to communicate more effectively to have more fulfilling relationships Want to put the past where it belons

Treatment Approach

I provide nonjudgmental, client-centered psychotherapy that is solution oriented and goal driven. My style is positive and nurturing. One of my strengths is building safe, caring, and trusting relationships. Together, we work from your strengths to examine underlying issues and create lasting change in confidence, self-esteem, and relational/behavioral patterns. The goal is to help you gain insight to recognize your value and live your best life.

I appreciate that there is no single approach that works for all. I have a unique ability to understand, motivate, and inspire those who seek my guidance. This journey—helping people overcome barriers to rediscover joy—is my passion and my purpose. Let’s begin.